Welcome to arenafilm.

welcome to arenafilm


Incorporated in 1987, Arenafilm has built a reputation for producing original and compelling feature films over 20 years, increasingly exploring social and political themes.

Arenafilm has introduced to world cinema directors Jane Campion, Vincent Ward, Rowan Woods and Richard Roxburgh.

Arenafilm’s catalogue includes the multi award-winning films ROMULUS, MY FATHER, THREE DOLLARS, THE BANK, THE BOYS, THE MONKEY'S MASK, ALL MEN ARE LIARS, SWEETIE and THE NAVIGATOR and recently released in Australia, BALIBO. 

Arenafilm also recently produced Ben Phelps’ NICE SHOOTIN’ COWBOY and developed Kriv Stenders’ LUCKY COUNTRY.

The directors of Arenafilm are John Maynard and Robert Connolly.