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Three Dollars

Robert Connolly, 2005


"As rich an experience as life itself, so full of subtext, themes and messages"

Drew Turney, FilmInk Magazine

"It's a provocative portrait of contemporary Australia ... It's got plenty of charm and wit and it's highly entertaining. But, taking its cue from Elliot Perlman's provocative novel, it's also a searing portrait of John Howard's Australia ... It should become part of many a lively debate"

Peter Thompson, Sunday

"You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll count your blessings. We should make more films like this"

Rachael Turk, IF Magazine

* * * * 1/2
"At last, a quality Australian film to offset the recent drought! Like real life, THREE DOLLARS is sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes sad, sometimes hopeful... I loved it!"

David Stratton, At The Movies

* * * *
"A beautifully made snap shot of contemporary Australia ...There should be more Australian films made like this one"

Megan Spencer, The Movie Show

* * * *
"A refreshingly honest and compassionate film"

Jaimie Leonarder, The Movie Show

"One of the richest and most credible glimpses of family life we've seen on screen for a long time"

Julie Rigg, ABC Radio National

"An appealing fable of shattered illusions"

Colin Fraser, SX

"A powerful film that resonates long after the final credits have rolled. THREE DOLLARS encourages you to scrutinize your own beliefs"

Luke Benedictus, The Sunday Age

"A high class film"

Sunday Herald Sun

"This is the film Australia has been waiting for: a thoroughly, absolutely credible check on how we now live as a nation"

Noel Purdon, The Adelaide Review

"I have seen nothing finer from Wenham. His Eddie has astonishing depth and sensitivity. This is a film of profound and troubling ideas, with many scenes of heartrending power... A drama of conscience, raising important questions of contemporary politics and public morality... The film can be taken as a sorrowful critique of the unfeeling market forces that rule our lives and as a touching study of friendship and survival"

Evan Williams, The Australian

"Robert Connolly is a natural master of film... A fascinating work, filled with little treasures of observation, performance and technique... Engaging and a pleasure to watch"

Andrew L. Urban, Urbancinefile

* * * *
"A rare gem of a film... (Connolly) delivers yet again a film of substance, tension and truisms"

Nicole Watts, elevenmagazine.com

* * * *
"THREE DOLLARS is easily the best Australian film this year"

Rod Chester, The Daily Telegraph

"I can't think of an Australian film which has captured marital happiness so truthfully ... wit as well as warmth"

Sandra Hall, The Sydney Morning Herald

"David Wenham's near-flawless performance gives the sense of seeing an entire life on screen"

Rob Lowing, The Sun-Herald

"Wenham's performance, a subtle blend of resilience and quiet desperation, is one of his best... Not since Lantana has a film taken us so far into the headspace of an Australian man"

Lawrie Zion, The Australian

"A powerful film that resonates long after the final credits have rolled... THREE DOLLARS encourages you to scrutinize your own beliefs"

Luke Benedictus, The Sunday Age

"Painfully funny"

Vicky Roach, Marie Claire

"One of the best Australian films yet made"

Bob Ellis, Encore Magazine

* * * *
"A cut above the rest... A brave movie that will strike a chord with couples everywhere.. A sure bet for AFI glory come November"

OK! Magazine

"Could be the best film produced in Australia this year. A story worthy of a nation's rapture"

Emily Williams, Scene

"An important film"

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