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Jane Campion, 1989


"Campion makes a spectacular feature-film debut with Sweetie, a movie unlike any other you're likely to see until the next Jane Campion comes along. possesses remarkable strength and tenacity. It demands that it be taken on its own spare terms without regard to the sentimental conventions of other movies"

The New York Times

"Sweetie, the first feature by Jane Campion is a moody, frightening, savagely funny and unclassifiable portrait of a disturbed family - a great film."

The New York Post

"Sweetie is an original, audacious tragicomedy, a refreshing, exciting debut from an obviously talented director"


"Campion has a distinctive vision, a great sense of humour and the assurance of a committed film-maker. Sweetie is a great start."

The Bulletin

"A small masterpiece.captivating screenplay.fascinating performances.an extraordinary film"

Metro Magazine

"Funny and shocking,ridiculous and sublime, a true original"

Financial Times

"Moody, frightening, savagely funny. A great film."

New York Post

"One of the freshest, most exciting first features to appear in a very long time."

Chicago Tribune

"Remarkable.moving to audiences of any persuasion"

New York Times

"A daring, bracing movie"


"An impressively assured feature debut"

Premiere Magazine
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