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The Boys

Rowan Woods, 1998


Australian Film Institute 1998

AFI Award Best Achievement in Direction - Rowan Woods
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role -John Polson
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Toni Collette
Best Screenplay Adapted from Another Source - Stephen Sewell

AFI Award Best Achievement in Cinematography - Tristan Milani
Best Achievement in Costume Design - Annie Marshall
Best Achievement in Editing - Nicholas Meyers
Best Achievement in Sound - Sam Petty, Peter Grace, Phil Judd
Best Film - Robert Connolly, John Maynard
Best Original Music Score - The Necks
Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role - David Wenham
Best Performance by and Actor in a Supporting Role - Anthony Hayes
Best Performance by and Actress in a Leading Role - Lynette Curran

Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards

FCCA Award Best Director - Rowan Woods
Best Film
Best Screenplay - Adapted - Stephen Sewell
Best Supporting Actor - Female - Lynette Curran
Readers' Award for Favourite Australian Film - Rowan Woods

FCCA Award Best Actor - Male - David Wenham
Best Cinematography - Tristan Milani
Best Music Score - The Necks
Best Supporting Actor - Female - Toni Collette
Best Supporting Actor - Male - Anthony Hayes
Best Supporting Actor - Male - John Polson

Australian Screen Sound Guild 1998

Best Achievement in Location Recording for a Feature Film - Peter Grace, Michael Taylor, Serge Stanley

Berlin International Film Festival 1998

In Competition

Golden Berlin Bear - Rowan Woods

The Boys Key Art