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The Boys

Rowan Woods, 1998


"One of the best Australian filmes I've seen for a long time"

The Courier Mail

"One of the best and most important Australian Films ever . drop everything and be overwhelmed by this earth shattering work immediately"

Herald Sun, Melbourne

"A flawless ensemble... extraordinary performances, and an intensity that is at times almost unbearable"

David Stratton, Variety

"One of the most powerful, observant and artistically satisfying Australian films ever made"

Andrew L. Urban

"It's so primal, so severe, that your whole body hangs suspended. few Australian films ever reach these heights"

Craig Mathieson, Rolling Stone

"Our film of the year.opens up to us a moral universe, and a chapter of the battered heart"

Bob Ellis, Encore

"A confronting and powerful film"

The Sunday Age

"Powerful and disturbing"

Time Out, New York

"Not since Russell Crowe's performance in Romper Stomper has an Australian actor emerged on the scene with as much intellect, precision, emotional force and sheer complexity as Wenham"

Urban Cinefile

" A remarkable achievement."

The Financial Review

"Toni Collette in her best performance yet"

The Age
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